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Old 10-09-2008, 12:32 AM
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Default Can't afford new snare, bling it up.

Hey everyone.

So after I purchase my new jazz kit, I won't be able to afford a new snare, which I need. At the moment I've got my old Mapex M-series (maple) 14x5"stock snare, just with the original stock wires and snare side, and a really beat up ambassador. I also use a Pearl Export 14x6.5" steel snare which I've fitted with a Remo Controlled Sound, Puresound Blasters and an Evans 300 Hazy - this snare I use for pretty much everything except jazz.

I'm looking into a Craviotto, but for now I think I'll just put some new heads and wires on my Mapex - an Ambassador/Vintage A and a Hazy Diplomat for some nice crispness, but I'm a bit stuck on the wires. I would really LOVE to try out some 30 strand Puresounds or something, but I'm not sure about their sound. I know that more snare wires means a more 'snare-orientated' sound, but do any of you guys think that 24/30 is a bit much for jazz? Or shall I just stay with the normal 20-strand Puresound Customs?


EDIT: Also, I should mention that the sound of my old Mapex really isn't that bad at all, considering it's a stock snare, I've stuck with it for ages! Just needs a little help. It's had stock snare side and wires on it since I bought it over 5 years ago!

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Old 10-09-2008, 03:57 AM
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Default Re: Can't afford new snare, bling it up.

I have 20 strand Puresounds on all of my snares if that helps. They sound great to me.
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Default Re: Can't afford new snare, bling it up.

FWIW - i tried moving from 14 strands on both my Yamaha Weckl Sig snare (maple) and my Ludwig Acrolite to 20 strand Puresound Customs. The Acrolite application sounded like a $500 upgrade in sound to me (!), but I didn't get a dramatic effect at all with the Yamaha snare (when using 1 of two strainers). I'll be leaving the 14s in place for the Yamaha.

I'm really not sure if there's a common opinion on moving beyond 20 strands. Seems like some say that makes more sense for snare drums deeper than 5.5". But you can find examples of 42 strands on 5.5" snares. Others talk about optimal /limits with the width of the snare beds. Others seems to say more than 20 if you like a drier sound (less drum) and/or have a close micing situation.

For me 20 strands seem to work. I play mostly jazz and fusion, and I am not a heavy hitter.

Here are a couple links though that I've found that provide mp3 on different wires and/or philosophies on # of wires.


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Default Re: Can't afford new snare, bling it up.

Lose the stock head.

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