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Default Pearl Icon Straight and Curved rack

What is the difference with the curve and straight? Besides the obvious 1 is curved and the other is straight, like what benefits do you get by having a curved one because I noticed that one is more expensive.
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Default Re: Pearl Icon Straight and Curved rack

Theoretically, it brings everything closer to you and is more ergonomic than the straight.

Practically, it costs more to make a curved rack than a straight one- thus, the cost is passed on to the consumer.
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Default Re: Pearl Icon Straight and Curved rack

Looks. I had a DR-100 rack, no curved bar option. If I needed the bar closer to me, I moved the bar/rack closer. If I needed a particular drum/cymbal closer to me, I flipped the clamp around and/or adjusted the tom arm/cymbal boom to the desired location. Never once in 10+ years did I ever wish the bar was curved. But if you like the looks of the curved bar....the straight bar will always be inferior.
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Default Re: Pearl Icon Straight and Curved rack

I haven't used a straight rack but the curves offer (for me) ample room on the sides and a nice, slight curvature for the 3 top toms. They used to sell them both for same price...
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