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Old 10-02-2008, 08:16 PM
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Default My toms sound horrific!

Right, I have a very basic Premier Cabria kit, and it sounded awful with the stock heads, so I got some Evans EC2's for the batter heads. I have a Power Centre head on the snare and it's not bad (still not quite right though), but I've spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to tune the toms, and I just can't get a good sound. Should I get different resonant heads, or try different batter heads? Any suggestions?
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Old 10-02-2008, 08:33 PM
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Default Re: My toms sound horrific!

Did you replace the resos, too? Resos have a big influence on the sound. Plus, stock reso heads are usually crap, and hard to tune. Get some clear Ambassadors or G1s for your toms. For the snare try a Remo Ambassador hazy snare side or an Evans Hazy 300.

If you're new to tuning, check these out:

Tuning toms

Tuning snares

Tuning bass drums

Why reso heads are important
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Default Re: My toms sound horrific!

Resonant heads make a huge difference. Get some g1 clears to match those EC2s. I've got EC2s on my Mapex kit myself with G1 clears on the bottom. EC2s tune pretty easily and the g1s even more so. Just change them out and you should be fine.
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