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Default My Snares - New Tempus

Finally swiped my wife's phone again and snapped some pictures of a few of my snares. Also took a group photo on the couch.

Name:  Snares1.jpg
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Top Row: 30's Leedy COB 6.5x14, great snare, lately has been my go-to for everything. 5.5x14 Crazy 8's custom snare. Thick Finish Birch shell. My rock snare.
6.5x14 Yamaha Stage Custom COS. Just added a new MAG throw and the diecast hoops today.
Bottom Row: Newest snare 6x14 Tempus CF (I think) snare.
14x5 Acrolite w/ Imperial Lugs
Right, on stand: 14x10 Crazy 8's custom snare. Started as a 70's Ludwig marching snare.

Name:  Snares2.jpg
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A Closer picture of all the kids on the couch.

Outdoor shots of the Tempus and my red snare "Richard the Red"

Name:  Tempus1.jpg
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Name:  Tempus2.jpg
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Name:  tempus3.jpg
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It came with those wires, I think I'm going to replace them with an 18 strand. I like the tone of this snare. Very nice, musical overtones.

Name:  Red1.jpg
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Name:  red2.jpg
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My Kit

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Default Re: My Snares - New Tempus

nice collection :) .......
ludwig .... what else? or is it nespresso :/
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Default Re: My Snares - New Tempus

Wow I totally missed this thread!

I was wondering the other who "richard the red" was.... now I know!

Its a very nice snare indeed
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