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Default Re: Dude! Totally WICKED Double Bass drum set! It's red and black...

Originally Posted by 805Drummer View Post
Well, since I don't like my PDP 805 bass drum and rack tom, I'm gonna sell those. But I love the floor toms and the snare, so I'll keep that. My now that I have my mounted rack toms, which I can play better, now I can start upgrading. I already got pretty good batter heads, so maybe new resonants would be good. Also, cymbalsonly.com is where I'm going to for my Chanukah list, haha.
Good luck selling the rack tom and bass drum without selling the other parts of the kit. Odds are that's going to take a long time to happen, or you'll have to trade it in at a store, which means crap value. That's like the worst thing you can do. Just a heads up.

One problem a LOT of drummers make is they buy gear for the moment they are in. It seems that is what you are doing right now. So you are going to play a Pearl Export bass and rack toms, a PDP snare and 2 floor toms, and they don't look good together, which is fine, you're young, yada yada yada. However, at some point, you're going to want to upgrade, and you're going to know that Export is crap (sorry, I have one as my practice kit, but it is), so you're going to want to replace your bass drum and rack toms. Odds are, by that point, you'll want them to match. Also, you're at the age where you are going to start growing quickly...so you'll probably buy a PDP 805 bass drum and rack tom. Of course, at that point, you will have your original 805 kit...only have spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars more on it than you should have.

Honestly, dude, if nothing else, I would say just play your Frankenstein kit now, and keep the other PDP stuff so that, when you start hitting growth spurts in a year or so, you can upgrade back to your PDP. A year from now, you'll be thanking me if you do that.

Oh, and for the record...Stagestars and Exports are on par with each other. The Export isn't an upgrade over that.
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Default Re: Dude! Totally WICKED Double Bass drum set! It's red and black...

Weird looking kit. But whatever makes you happy. The only problems I see are when you grow out of this phase which you will, you will probably have a hard time selling off those random peices of kit you bought. But other than that, enjoy. Remember, it's not about the gear you have, but what you can do with it. A drumkit is only as good as the player who plays it.
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