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Default Best heads for tama?

My drumset...http://www.tama.com/history/history_detail.asp?i=121

it's from 1993 i got it free from one of my dads friends sons who died...i know bad, but hey it was free! I've had my set and been playing for about 4 years now, and the whole time I haven't found the right heads for them.

I won't bother listing the ones i have tried, because it's a lot.

My style of playing is alternative, rock, funk, hard rock.

Could anyone please give me some ideas on what combinations of drum heads I should use?
and how i should tune them? it would be great! Thanks.

Edit: The set has just two rack toms and the floor tom, they are bigger than the ones in the picture.

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Default Re: Best heads for tama?

For playing all of those different styles i would suggest a two ply unmuffled clear head over a single ply clear head for the toms....for the bass drum u have plenty of options depending on if u want more boom or a more thumpy kinda sound...for a more open bass drum get a pinstrip and a falam pad and pair it up with some type of muffled or ported reso....if u want a really low thump i suggest emad with a ported reso....and for the snare there is nothing wrong with a coated ambassador batter side and a clear ambassador snare side
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Default Re: Best heads for tama?

I always like Remo pinstripes on Tama's
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