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Old 08-05-2008, 07:15 PM
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Default Electronic Drum Kit Question/Your Suggestions

Yes I realize there are a bunch of topics like this already but hear me out. I just started learning to drum about 3 months ago, and I'm moving back to university in September and I wanted a good e-drum kit so I can practice in my room without making too much noise, also because I won't be able to take lessons until I move back home. I actually got interested in drums through the game Rock Band, and there is a "premium" drum kit for it made by Ion (https://www.drumrocker.com/index.php) coming out soon.

It looks good @ $300, but it adds up because I would need to get an extra cymbal ($50), pedal ($40) and a throne (not necessarily this one but going by this its $40), PLUS a brain for $360, making the total cost $790 plus taxes. Would that be a good price for a kit of this quality (I hear Ion isn't exactly the best brand) or is there a better one I can get for around the same price or cheaper? I can always buy some sort of adapter to make the kit work with Rock Band.
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Old 08-05-2008, 07:52 PM
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Default Re: Electronic Drum Kit Question/Your Suggestions

http://www.musiciansfriend.com/produ...Set?sku=483503 im also in the hunt for a new E-kit. this is the best bang for the buck. it has more toms and cymbals already and has the option for 2 more duel-zone or 4 single zones. (duel-zone is like your snare having rim shots or something or cymbals having a bell and crash sound) the Roland 9 series is good but its 1800 bucks and if you add 1 more tom and 1 more cymbal its 2000. I've already played the new Simmons kit and its really good and so worth the money. the module is the most important thing in a E-kit. you have to be able to expand your kit. you have to have at least 2 cymbals and 1 ride in any drum kit IMO. the Simmons will give you 4 toms and 4 crash cymbals 1 ride and hi-hats. that a complete set and you will grow as a beginning drummer with a set up like that.
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