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Old 07-23-2008, 03:11 AM
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Default Pedal Trouble

I have a DW7000 double pedal with which i have trouble playing 16th at 150bpm without a serious warmup. Last week i left the pedal at my friends house. So i have been using my Bigdog E100whatever-its-called and i discovered i could do 8ths at 200bpm on a single pedal straight away. So i realized that the DW pedal is much steeper which is why i have been having problems with heel down technique. So I want to lower the board on the DW7000 but i have no idea how to and i dont wanna brake the pedal. Can anyone tell me how to do this?
Heres a pic..
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Default Re: Pedal Trouble

On all the chain pedals that I've seen you unscrew the chain at the bell crank where the chain bolts above your toe. You then move the chain up or down a link or two and re-bolt it. You can also make the beater farther or closer to the drum head with a similar simple adjustment. Their also may be a way to turn the bell crank on the shaft with a simple adjustment. Go to their website and view their PDA. Its hard to break a pedal. You can always put it back where it was.
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Default Re: Pedal Trouble

I believe there are more holes in the gear where the chain connects, choose one that lowers the board, it won't change the action, it will just lower the boards from where they sit now. Then you can adjust more parameters as you figure it out.
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