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Old 06-15-2008, 01:50 PM
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Default Self-controlled monitor/mixer

I have played some shows lately where the drummer has a digital mixer and can control clicks, feed music, and whatever else right from his own personal mixer (I guess).

Last setup I saw was, what I thought, a wireless mixer mounted on the kit, to wireless in-ears, taking the mic inputs from the main board, which is fed from the snake box on the stage. I believe it was feeding all the musicians' in-ears wirelessly. It was all pretty impressive.

Can anyone elaborate on what they might be using? How complicated or simple the setup might be. What they're using? Costs?
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Old 06-22-2008, 05:46 PM
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Default Re: Self-controlled monitor/mixer

I don't know about the self controlled mixer, but I can tell you about wireless in-ears.
The shure psm 400 is what I use and I wouldn't recommend lower models. It's a transmitter, receiver and in ear monitors. You can control the volume of your mix but the sound tech has to create the initial mix. It costs $800.

If you play in a local band, venues might not have the time or feel like setting up your wireless system. In the last show I played, the sound guy didn't set up my wireless and I had to use the horrible floor wedge monitors. If you are headlining or a national act you have a greater chance of being able to use in-ears.

If the drummer you saw was sending clicks and music to the board, he has some sort of sampler ->snake->board->transmitter->reciever->in-ears

If he was controlling volume with faders then he had some sort of mixer but most samplers can control volume via a preset number. Its not something that would be easily changed during a show. Also some expensive wireless systems let you control the mix.
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