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Old 06-08-2008, 06:11 AM
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Default Iron Cobra Jr Double Pedal....

Ok well i bought this a few years back because i only had a few bucks but anyway i have had some serious problems with it.... and i was just wondering if anyone who has this pedal would tell me their experiances with it. One of the problems I have had with it is it is very delade to my standards... I have tried every adjustment on it but it doesnt help much. I know this sounds dumb but I kind of feel my pedal is keeping my from reaching the speeds i want. So please give your input and even tell me responses with other Iron Cobra double pedals. Also if you dont mind, i would like some help on deciding my next pedal. I play fast hardcore death metal... lol, so basicly a pedal built for speed and response. I cant stop look at axis but i just cant afford those right now haha
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Default Re: Iron Cobra Jr Double Pedal....

Just the name "Jr." should tell you how the IC vs. IC Jr. thang matches up. Manufactures "usually" tend to charge "more" for a "better" product. On the other hand, if you try out a certain product and "don't like it", no matter how affordable or expensive it is, the bottom line is you "still don't like it". Ever since I first laid eyes on the Axis pedal (some 15 years ago), I keep giving them a chance, whenever I can get my feet on one. And I just don't like them. So it doesn't matter to me whether they sell for $100 or $500. Fact is, it's not my pedal. Get your feet on every pedal you can. The Yamaha Flying Dragon Direct Drive is my single pedal of choice, the Off-Set, my double pedal http://i168.photobucket.com/albums/u...4-3415_IMG.jpg You may find you like the Tama IC, or the Pearl Eliminator, or the DW 5000 or 9000, or one of the Yamaha's. If you really want the Axis, save up and buy one. Start watching eBay. There's 18 Axis pedals for sale right now on eBay. But play one before you buy one. No sense romanticizing about owning one if you've never played one.
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