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Old 05-05-2008, 09:17 PM
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Default My true love (w/ revealing photos)!!

Mapex Pro-M Studio (Platinum Sparkle lacquer)


10” x 8” (currently not in setup)
12” x 9”
14” x 11”
16” x 13”
22” x 20"

Black Panther Black Chrome over Brass 14” x 5.5"

Heads: Evans EC2 on toms, Evans ST Dry on Snare, Aquarian Superkick II on BD (small evans pillow touching batter only)

Cymbals (all Sabian, all brilliant finish):

21” HH Raw Bell dry ride
14” AAX Stage hats
18” AAXplosion crash
19” AAxplosion crash
18” AAX O-zone crash
18” AAX Chinese
8” AAX splash (currently not in setup)
8” AA China splash (currently not in setup)


Pearl Eliminator Powershifter single (medium/tight tension, black cam)
DW 5000 HH stand
Various cymbals stands (Ludwig, pearl, Gibraltar, SP)
Gibraltar Moto-style throne w/ backrest

Toys (rarely permanently setup):

LP Stealth jam block
LP Black Beauty cowbell
Pearl Mountable tambourine w/ brass jingles (which I hate)


Vic Firth 5AN
Vic Firth 5BN
Pro-Mark Hotrods
Vic Firth Steve Gadd brushes

Recent Changes:

A few weeks ago I decided to take away my one rack tom (the 10”) and both splashes. Obviously this allowed me to move my ride closer to me and make some changes to some other cymbal positions. However, I made the change mostly because I’m aware of what I need to work on and I really wanted to start focusing my attention on groove. I could have gone down to a 4-piece w/ only hh/ride/crash, blah blah, but I still like some toys! Being a drummer means we get to have all kinda goodies to play with! Seriously, though, I think it’s really important for me to get back to the basics right now and pay attention to groove, timing and learning to “know my role”, so to say. I’m going to be jamming w/ a friend soon who has been playing guitar for 15 years and I really want to be able to support the song, whatever it may be. I’m also getting back to my rudiments and paying close attention to accents, syncopation, ect.

Another change I recently made was to my pedal. I was at Guitar Center the other week playing on a Roland set and really dug the feel of the pedal. I looked down and noticed it was the same as my Pearl Eliminator. I took a look and noticed the medium tension and the black cam. My pearl at the time was really, really tight (mostly because it helped me with heel/toe) and had the red cam. I went home, switched the cam to black, loosened the tension and really like the feel. Going from a Evans emad to the Aquarian Superkick II also made a big difference w/ my bass drum. Love it.

Anyway, I really am blessed to have such nice drums (I think). Wish I had more time for practice, but work, commitments and…well…life sometimes get in the way. Thank God for drumming – it has kept me sober. Thank God for drumming – it has kept me sane!

Hope you enjoy the pics! Glad everyone is a part of this community – I have learned so much from this forum!

Mapex*Evans*Vic Firth*Sabian
[philippians 4:13]
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Old 05-05-2008, 10:53 PM
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Default Re: My true love (w/ revealing photos)!!

Man! That is a very nice kit! Nice cymbals also! How do the drums sound and how do you like that BP snare?

Joey :D
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Old 05-06-2008, 01:30 PM
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Default Re: My true love (w/ revealing photos)!!

...I like your kit, and your attitude.

You are right about toys. For years, I have been a die hard four by four. Four piece kit, two crash, ride, and hats. I recently added a china to my kit, and I liked it enough that I went out and found a second one for another kit.

Thank God for drumming. It keeps me sane, but it drives my family insane.

...if you can't keep it civil, at least make it funny.
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Default Re: My true love (w/ revealing photos)!!

Trommur and baz, thanks for the compliments!

The kit sounds great to me; much better than the ludwide accent i started out with, that's for sure! The kick is tuned fat, the toms are punchy/focused. Most of that is due to the heads/tuning. I have played the m-birch, and the maple pro-m really does deliever a warmer sound. Much more all-around than a birch or mahogony set, which is what i was looking for...I could be playing metallica one day and norah jones the next.

The snare is amazing. I have it tuned medium-tight, more-so medium. It has a really nice "warm ring" to it, which i love. I like a snare to be on the ringy-side and this gives it to me perfectly. Wish i could describe the sound better - I'm hoping to get some sound/video clips up soon!

Baz - you're totally right about the drums keeping me sane, but others a bit insane! I try not to drum past 11 at night so my fam can get some sleep, but sometimes at midnight there's just a groove i need to get out! :)
Mapex*Evans*Vic Firth*Sabian
[philippians 4:13]
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Default Re: My true love (w/ revealing photos)!!

ProM studios are great sets. It's a shame they are so expensive now. When I got mine, they were the best value...
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