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Default The Metronome Thread

Well, just had an hour free so thought I would collate all the great information about metronomes on the forum and post it together as one big thread partly cause I’m interested but also to help other drummers out there. Don’t know if it’s worth a sticky but will see… also please feel free to add information or just comment or anything really!

Decent yet cheap metronome:
  1. Firstly the BOSS. Dr BEAT Model-DB30, it has easy to use buttons with enough click configurations that you need to start with.
  2. Next is the small digital Korg MA30 . Given to be very versatile for basically any rhythms including triplets and shuffles. Covers most bases of different time signatures. Also has volume control and note pitch. On the down side, the click only comes out one ear if you use headphones. You can adjust how many beats are in one 'measure', going through 0-7. Another feature is a tap button where you literally tap the tempo you want (Tempo adjusts from 40-208 bpm). It’s the size of an average guitar tuner or mobile phone.
  3. Qwik Time metronome which are affordable. Are pretty basic metronome as mainly used by other musicians but still does the job. All battery powered. Give out both a flash and click. Not to sure about headphones.

Pricier yet good range:
  1. Tama RhythmWatch RW105 . Its temp ranges from 35 to 250 bpm with a beat setting from 0 to 9, seperate volume settings for quarter, eigth, sixteenth, triplet, and master notes. Also 29 programmable settings, remote switch, earphone jack, tap function, 9 volt internal battery or external power source. What more could you want?
  2. Yamaha Click Station for when I have to have a click for practicing drum set, tempos for a string of songs that happen quickly in a performance (church gig right now) or anything else that needs a loud click in headphones.
  3. Boss db-90 (http://www.bosscorp.co.jp/products/en/DB-90/) - all the functions you expect from a metronome such as, different types of notes/feels/sounds, rhythm coach function (training) memory and chain mode, AND midi in. that last one is great function if you work wit sequencers/samplers. just plug in the midi cable from you're interface or pc (depends on what you bring along on the road) play a sequence in, press on the midi button on the db-90 and it will take over the tempo (and possible changes) from your seq/sampl. (there are several Dr. Beat models, the DB-90 is their best).
  4. Millennium RW500 Rhythmpumper - Cheaper and more versatile than the Tama RW105 Rhythm Watch. Tama has the same build quality but twice the price.

Other Notes:
  • Some (any with headphone socket) can be plugged into small amps for loud situations etc.
  • Recommended to use with isolating headphones.

Other Links (In Forum):


Millennium RW500 Rythmpumper: http://www.thomann.de/gb/millenium_r...ythmpumper.htm
The online Amazing Metronome: http://www.sheetmusicnow.com/tools/metronome.exe
Playing along with metronome lesson: http://www.onlinedrummer.com/drum_le...ideo.php?Id=26
Yamaha Click Station Review: http://www.mikedolbear.co.uk/story.a...85&Source=Arch
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