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Default Dual Hi-Hat

Has anyone experimented with a dual electronic hi-hat?

I have a symmetrical kit. Currently, I have my "normal" hi-hat feeding my TD-20 and a second hi-hat for my right foot which I would like to respond the same way That is, either foot down makes the closed sound when the pad is struck, stepping on either makes the step sound, and both feet up makes the open sound when hitting the pad. You can't just parallel the two pads because the resulting combined value of the force-sensing resistors drops, producing a half-open sound when both feet are up. My thought is that if I slice the force sensing resistors in half lengthwise, the combo resistance would be the same as one pedal alone (I think it's around 20k Ohms when in the up position). Has anyone monkeyed with the force sensing resistors? Are they easy to replace? I think they're relatively cheap so it might be a good experiment.

Currently, my second pedal is running through a TD-7 which I use as an input expander. This works for step sounds and the combo pad strike/foot up movement, but holding the pedal down will not create a closed sound (it works this way because the up/down change produces a MIDI command, but keeping it down does nothing). It's OK for now, but not ideal.
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