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Old 01-31-2008, 01:15 AM
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Default Phil Gould

Hi guys anybody out there a fan of him like me awesome funk drummer.What happened to him does anybody know
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Default Re: Phil Gould

Originally Posted by jacob View Post
Hi guys anybody out there a fan of him like me awesome funk drummer.What happened to him does anybody know

Phil Gould, along with Manu Katche, absolutley changed my playing for the better! I was introduced to Level 42 in a funk band that I was playing in some time ago. I think that I may have all of the Level 42 albums he played on as well as the Live at Wembly Stadium VHS....seems that the Grunge sound coming in in the early 1990s pretty much killed off not only the Metal music genre, but Level 42 as a viable recording entity as well. Phil has the groove! He is pretty much under-rated by most until they find that they need the solid groove!



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Default Re: Phil Gould

He has a myspace page.


Great player. A big influence on me during the 80's. He helped to calm the overplaying urge I had as an energetic drum crazy teenager. "Play for the song" is an important lesson he, along with others, taught me.
" Those who know, do not speak.
Those who speak, do not know."
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Default Re: Phil Gould

I love his technique as seen on the live at wembley tape from 1986. I was watching him play left hand on the hi-hat and right hand on the snare so effortlessly on one of the songs.
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