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Old 01-03-2015, 04:48 AM
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Default my PDP M5s

not the world's greatest drums but they were a slight upgrade from my old Stage Customs, satisfying my want for a 100% maple shell. I play in the back of a barn so I'll hang on to them until I get a climate controlled playing space. they sound OK, don't really stay in tune. I get lots of compliments on the sunburst finish.

cymbals: 20" A custom projection ride, 16" A custom crash, 8" A custom splash, 13" K/Z hats, 17 and 18" K dark medium thin crashes.

plans: Yamahas of some sort, trade all the A customs for Ks. I WILL own a 22" K dark medium ride someday!
PDP M5 and some Zildjian Ks
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Old 01-04-2015, 05:08 AM
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Default Re: my PDP M5s

Very nice. I have the same kit minus the 8" tom. I personally like the M5s very much. Other than one bearing edge on my 12" tom that is a little uneven, these things sound awesome with good tuning range.


I have a 74' Ludwig Supraphonic snare and a TAMA Artwood 13" snare to go with it. I bought mine used for $200 with no snare. Couldn't pass that up.

K Custom Dark Ride 20"
K Dark thin medium crash 18"
A Brilliant medium crash 18"
14" New beat hats.

I see you're a fellow Carter fan as well.
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