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Default Been A While, Have Some SJC's!

Probably been about 4 or 5 years since I've posted in this beautiful forum, and I couldn't resist coming back. Last year I was graced with the beautiful, wonderful gift that is a custom set of drums. With a pretty price tag, but oh so very worth it. Especially when it comes from my homeland in Massachusetts! SJC Custom Drums whipped up a gorgeous set of tubs for me and I couldn't be happier with them. It's a thunderous, Bonham inspired vintage looking kit with a modern feel and sound that I honestly haven't been able to compare to much. If you're in the market for something custom, I strongly suggest getting in touch with the folks over at SJC. They're so damn nice to boot! I've been recently playing the entire 5 piece, but for gigs it's nice to be able to choose between two different sized floor toms. Especially when being in two different bands.

Now to get to the good part, the specs:
8.5x13" 6ply maple Rack Tom
13.5"x16" 6ply maple Floor Tom
15x18" 6ply maple Floor Tom
21x24 8ply maple Kick w/ cop block
All wrapped in aged white ripple with a stripe of black ripple.
Features chrome beaver tail lugs, standard 2.33mm hoops, matching kick hoops, DW brackets on the floor toms & spurs on the kick, and special 50 degree edges for a more flat, boomy tone on all the drums. Heads on the toms are Remo Vintage Emperor Coated w/ Ambassador resos. Kick is an EMAD2 batter, Fiberskyn PS3 reso w/ SJC black shield logo and a 6" chrome HOLZ port.

For the snare:
7x14" 14ply maple
in Ebony Satin Stain w/ single chrome beaver tail lugs, Diecast hoops, Puresound wires, Trick throwoff system and Remo Coated Emperor w/ Hazy SS. The edges on this bad larry are running at 40 degrees for a super sharp crack.

Current cymbal set up LTR is:
Zildjian 16" A Custom EFX
14" Rezo HH top w/ vintage New Beat Bottom
18" A Custom Projection Crash
21" A Sweet Ride
20" A Medium Ride (as crash)
custom HiHat stack; broken 18" A Custom Crash on top of a cracked 20" Sabian AA china w/ a 10" K splash in between (sometimes used on snare)

I'll leave you with some gig pics of the beauty! Enjoy

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