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Old 01-12-2008, 07:48 PM
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Default FiberSkyn 3 Medium Heads? Good for jazz?

I want to get some fiberskyns for the toms and kick on my new maple jazz kit (10,14,18).
Havnt tried them in person but they sound awsome in jazz videos. I know theres different kinds, theese are the only ones available on the big music store sites. Obviously I need a single ply head or something thats not thick because they will be tuned high, it doesnt say exactly what they are. If I put theese on the batters and I was thinking on the resos also will I get a good sound?
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Old 01-12-2008, 08:32 PM
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Default Re: FiberSkyn 3 Medium Heads? Good for jazz?

I had a set of Fiberskyn heads on my kit for a while. These are probably the most unique heads on the market. Definitely far from a plastic sound here. I had the Ambassador weight ones and they are sort of thick (feel in between single and double ply traditional heads). They do tune high though and sort of ring more when they do so it's all fine. I would go with the Diplomat versions since they equal about typical Ambassador weight. Jeff Hamilton uses these on his kit, for example. As does John Riley... Fiberskyns will give you a warm round sound without a plastic attack. Very durable too! I only changed recently to get more attack. As far as using them on the bottoms, I believe you can, but I would go with the Diplomat versions for the bottoms. On large drums, you could get away with using medium weights on both though.
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