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Old 01-01-2008, 11:22 AM
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Default Axis pedals

Hi i was looking at some axis pedals and wondering what the differences between the X series and A series were and which would be a better deal. if anyone could help me between these two models, any help would be greatly appreciated

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Default Re: Axis pedals

the difference in those models is the VDL:

Variable Drive Lever — featured on all AXIS A series.
"The patented variable drive lever allows the player to obtain the feel of any type of pedal with one simple adjustment. The new "Beater Forward" design substantially increases the power of the AXIS A without making it feel heavier, resulting in an increase of both speed and punch from both heel-up and heel-down players. The Variable Drive Lever changes the ratio of the footboard movement to the arc of the beater. "

worth it? Depends on if you want to change the ratio of the footboard movement to the arc of the beater.
I like the VDL, but once I set it, I don't change it.

The X uses this fixed assembly:

also, the A should come with the Sonic Hammer beater:

the X usually comes w/ the regular 'Marksman' beater:
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Default Re: Axis pedals

Just a side note.

I hated the sonic hammer. While it's intended purpose is "flexibility"...which it is very flexible in adjustments and such, the post the beater sits on is like a dart aiming for the top of your foot. I took a ding on my right foot a couple times so bad, I thought it was going to bleed. Got rid of them and went with a much lighter beater (yes, they're heavy too).

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