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Default Slash's Biography - Has anyone read this yet?

I got a copy of Slash's new biography from the Library and I'm about 75% done with it. For anyone who hasn't read it I really do recommend it. As someone who was a fan of Guns 'n Roses in the 80's it is interesting to hear more about the group dynamic and what was involved regarding all of their problems, at least from Slash's point of view. Especially reading about experiences regarding concerts and video shoots that we've all seen on MTV, it is nice to have a look inside all of that. I read Motley Crue's Biography "The Dirt" and while I felt that was a bit more entertaining and shocking, probably just because it was from a 4 way point of view, so you had more experiences to hear about, it still is a really good read.

Of course though, the book is written with a ghost writer, so some may find some words used and how he phrases and puts things to not be realistic based on what you think you might know of Slash and his personality, but for me it doesn't ruin the fact that the thoughts are still his own.
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Default Re: Slash's Biography - Has anyone read this yet?

i havent read that one yet. i read the dirt. i love that book. i read it over and over again. i love how they compare it to the bible on vh1 all the time on the metal shows. tommyland is another good read. the ones about kiss are also good reads too.
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