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Old 12-11-2007, 04:38 AM
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Default Paiste 2002 B8?

Am i right in saying that these are the only proffesional cymbals made out of this alloy?
Wy do they sound so much better than say pst5, zxt, zbt and sabian B8s? Is it that they are cast differently or does it all come down to the hammering/shaping and quality control?

I own 14 sound edge 16 crash 17 medium crash 20 china(and a sabian HH heavy ride).I brought these purely cause i liked the sound but never knew i was buying the same alloy as inferior beginner cymbals. Does'nt really worry me cause of how good they sound(Have compared to AA sabian and A customs) but how come they are so expensive Compared to something made of the same thing? Is it all just in the name(2002)?
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Default Re: Paiste 2002 B8?

the rudes and giant beats are also made out of B8. Im pretty sure it all has to do with the hammaring and lathing.
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Default Re: Paiste 2002 B8?

B8 is a very good metal and makes great cymbals when they are made well care and skill. You can make B20 sound bad if you use the same methods that the companies use to make the beginner cymbals.

You pay for the expert hands on work by the cymbal makers at Paiste who lathe and hammer the cymbal by hand which makes a cymbal and the B8 alloy sound like a 2002 and not a B8 or ZXT.
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