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Old 09-17-2007, 08:37 AM
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Default Roland V-Drums: Life after electric drums + TD-6V

I feel that I am ready to purchase an electric drum set. I had my heart set on the TD-20 but after doing the math found it financially out of reach. Upon further research, I realized that I can pretty much do all that needs to be done with the TD-6V.
Would you say that this is an accurate assessment?
I am planning on getting the VH-12, PD-125, CY-15R, and KD-120. Top quality pads with moderate quality module. Good call?
The biggest concern facing my decision is the following: I plan to use the electric kit for quiet practice and recording. I wonder how having both an acoustic and electric kit will affect my practice and playing habits.
With the above setup, along with an interface and software (Logic or ProTools), I want to verify that I can record via MIDI and later change the drum sounds to any other sound, as well as use the drum sounds from the TD-6V.
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Old 09-17-2007, 04:55 PM
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Default Re: Roland V-Drums: Life after electric drums + TD-6V

I have the TD6. It's very nice and I believe very beneficial. Ofcourse it doesn't feel exactly like an acoustic but then again, a snare feels different from a tom and from a cymbal, so I just make sure I play them all:)

Secondly, the TD6 doesn't have the quality of internal sound that the higher models have but then again you can trigger other samples on your pc if you want.

One thing I might add though which I believe to be the truth but only from reading it. someone please chime in if I'm incorrect... I believe the TD6 outputs a SINGLE midi track as opposed to each drum having it's own in the higher models. Ideally you would prefer each drum have it's own, there is a work around but it's an "offline" process. I would think if you were playing live, this limitation might be a problem, since you couldn't mix things like you would prefer real time. Other than that, very nice kit. Highly recommend it.
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Default Re: Roland V-Drums: Life after electric drums + TD-6V

Having played E-drums since the early 90's, I've tried every module and pad I can get my hands and feet on. I don't know if I'd recommend the better pads/lesser module approach.
Even the top quality pads are NOT going to feel like acoustic drums or cymbals.

I think I'd tip the budget the other way, especially if you're going to be recording.
The TD12 offers most of the important features of the TD20 flagship module; if at all possible I think I'd look at shooting for a better module and not worrying so much about the hi-hat pad, etc- the module is all you're really going to hear in the recordings, and if you bought some used older-model pads, it really won't make that big a performance difference.

I play A and E kits, and interchange regularly. I don't find that one will hurt your performance on the other. If you're using the E to rehearse or practice, the rhythmic exercises don't really change. Each can do things the other can't, but not to the extent of causing a detriment to your playing.

I'm not positive about the TD6 midi implementation, but we have used Logic and the TD20 & TD10 modules in the studio, and you can track midi and resample/change drum sounds later
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