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Old 11-17-2007, 06:18 AM
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Default Favorite Jazz Bands

What are y'all's favorite jazz bands?
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Old 11-17-2007, 06:19 AM
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Default Re: Favorite Jazz Bands

Count Basie's orchestra !

edit: ( I tought you meant big bands )

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Default Re: Favorite Jazz Bands

technically my favorites aren't jazz in the traditional sense (which is somewhat boring to me) - i prefer jazz-rock fusion :-P much more dynamic

The Mahavishnu Orchestra
Jean-Luc Ponty
Jeff Beck (Blow By Blow/Wired era)
Allan Holdsworth
Pat Metheny Group
Jaco Pastorius
Return To Forever
Weather Report
Frank Gambale
Al DiMeola
Stanley Clarke
Vital Information

i could list more, that's what i pulled off the top of my head :) check those out, they're all IMMENSELY high-quality artists, with timeless pieces of art under their belts.
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Old 11-17-2007, 09:04 AM
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Default Re: Favorite Jazz Bands

To add to Xopethx's pretty good list, and Tuxidos Basie reccomendation I would go a little before & after: This is a list which exemplifies bands, rather than just the induvidual star musician that was associated with creating it.

Duke Ellington,

BR big bands.....

Coltrane, Ornette Coleman, Thelonius Monk, Dizzy Guillespie, Charles Mingus, Bud Powell, Miles Davis, Sun Ra,
all led very well-known bands which left a significant mark on Jazz history..

....Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers,

The Crusaders

Alan Holdsworth,

Herbie Hancock

Chick Corea's electric & accoustic bands

The Zawinul Syndicate

The Dave Weckl Band


Karizma ( Colauita, Garfield, Steubenhaus, Landau )

Tribal Tech ( Covington, Willis, Henderson, Kinsey )

The Scott Kinsey Group ( the inheritors of the Weather Report legacy, IMO )

Bela Fleck & the Flecktones

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Default Re: Favorite Jazz Bands

Miles Davis Quintet with Tony
John Coltrane Quartet with Elvin
Keith Jarrett Trio with Jack
Dave Holland Quintet with various drummers over the years up to the present
Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers
Monk with several of his groups
Pat Metheny Trio with Bob Moses and Jaco
Micheal Brecker with various groups he led especially featuring Kenny Wheeler
The Bad Plus
etc..., etc..


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Old 11-17-2007, 10:29 AM
Erik Lund
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Default Re: Favorite Jazz Bands

"i prefer jazz-rock fusion :-P much more dynamic"

more dynamic? maybe you should listen to *good* jazz bands before saying something like that...

Okay - here's a list (try to keep up)

Die Like A Dog (best rhythm section walkin' the planet)

Brotzmann Tentet (all star group consisting of some of the finest living musicians with some of the most amazing compositions)

Trio X (Joe McPhee's longstanding trio)

Vandermark 5 (pick up Simpatico for "Vent" and tell me you don't like this group)

DKV Trio (Live Wels/Chicago AMAZING)

Coltrane Quartet (Get the Complete box set on Impulse! and change your life)

ONJQ (Japanese group that's putting everyone to shame these days. Get LIVE)

The Bandwagon (Jason Moran's longstanding piano trio with NASHEET WAITS!)

Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers (If you don't have Free For All, don't talk to me)

Bill Evans Trio (Miles knew what was up)

Miles Davis 2nd Quintet (Wayne, Herbie, Ron, Tony, 'nuff said)

Free Range Rat (great group - quartet - play a lot of Sun Ra tunes and are amazing)

Tim Berne's Bloodcount (Berne is one of the finest musicians on the scene and this is his best band, with JIM BLACK. Get Saturation Point and change your life)

Ellery Eskelin Trio (Andrea Perkins and JIM BLACK)

Thomas Chapin Trio (Chapin died in '97 at the age of 37 and was considered one of the top musicians among critics and peers alike. Get Sky Piece. with the great Michael Sarin on drums. This group was amazing. You will love it. RIP)

Sun Ra Arkestra (Oh John Gilmore you are so good)

Branford Marsalis Quartet (Better when it had Kenny Kirkland, but anything with Tain is amazing to me! Pick up Requiem)

Ornette Coleman Quartet (Listen to "Lonely Woman" and change your life)

William Parker Quartet (Get O'Neal's Porch and Raining on the Moon. Great great band. Anything with William Parker - the MODERN MINGUS - and HAMID DRAKE is gonna be great)

Matt Wilson (his groups have always been top-notch)

Could go on but that's a bunch there. Maybe someone will get some of it...
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Default Re: Favorite Jazz Bands

There is nothing like a live jazz band in a club. I still like my old jazz style drummers in these groups:
Steely Dan-drummers: Jim Hodder; Jim Gordon, Jeff Porcaro, Hal Blaine, Bernard "Pretty" Purdie, Steve Gadd, Paul Humphrey, Rick Marotta, Jim Keltner, Ed Greene-some of the most influential drummers of the last twenty-five years. Songs like 'Peg' with Marotta or 'Aja' with Gadd are etched into the collective consciousness of millions of drummers.
Steve Miller Band and Sade I also enjoy.

Here is a list of jazz drummers:
1. Buddy Rich
2. Elvin Jones
3. Max Roach
4. Roy Haynes
5. Jack DeJohnette
6. Tony Williams
7. Billy Cobham
8. Art Blakey
9. Joe Morello
10. Kenny Clarke
11. Gene Krupa
12. Dave Weckl
13. Harvey Mason
14. Peter Erskine
15. Chick Webb
16. Louis Bellson
17. Ed Blackwell
18. Bill Stewart
19. Steve Gadd
20. Papa Joe Jones
21. Connie Kay
22. Jeff "Tain" Watts
23. Philly Joe Jones
24. Paul Wertico
25. Big Sid Catlett
26. Rashied Ali
27. Warren "Baby" Dodds
28. Bernard Purdie
29. Clayton Cameron
30. Don Alias
31. Alphonse Mouzon
32. Alex Acuna
33. Paul Motian
34. Vinnie Colaiuta
35. Narada Michael Walden
36. Chad Wackerman
37. Shelly Manne
38. Johnny Vidacovich
39. Lional Hampton
40. Art Taylor
41. Billy Higgins
42. Lewis Nash
43. John Robinson
44. Danny Gottlieb
45. Antonio Sanchez
46. Bill Bruford
47. Alan Dawson
48. Dannie Richmond
49. Dennis Chambers
50. Ed Shaughnessey
51. Airto
52. Kenny Wollesen
53. Brian Blade
54. Gary Husband
55. Steve Smith
56. Alex Riel
57. Al Foster
58. Ben Perowski
59. Lenny White
60. Bernie Dresel
61. Panama Francis
62. Louis Hayes
63. Sonny Payne
64. Ed Thigpen
65. Jeff Ballard
66. Jay Lane
67. Gary Novak
68. Billy Kilson
69. Jimmy Cobb
70. Idrus Muhammed
71. John Riley
72. Abe Laboriel Jr.
73. Joe LaBarbera
74. Mel Lewis
75. Andrew Cyrille
76. Stanton Moore
77. Adam Nussbaum
78. Ben Riley
79. Cecil Brooks III
80. Simon Phillips
81. Joel Taylor
82. Marvin 'Smitty' Smith
83. Harold Jones
84. T.S. Monk
85. Terry Bozzio
86. Frankie Dunlop
87. Ray Barretto
88. Billy Hart
89. Stan Levey
90. Tony Royster
91. Paul Barbarin
92. Joel Rosenblatt
93. Andre Ceccarelli
94. Martin Drew
95. John Guerin
96. Kenny Washington
97. Leon Parker
98. Luis Conte
99. Gene Jackson
100. Claude Ranger
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Erik Lund
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Default Re: Favorite Jazz Bands

I would disagree with a few of those being "jazz drummers" but nice list.

101. Paul Murphy
102. Hamid Drake
103. Dennis Charles
104. Sunny Murray
105. Beaver Harris
106. Jay Rosen
107. Tim Daisy
108. Tim Mulvena
109. Michael Wimberly
110. Terri Lyne Carrington
111. Paul Lytton
112. Paul Nils-Love
113. Gerald Cleaver
114. Jim Black
115. Mark Sanders
116. Kjell Nordeson
117. Gregg Bendian
118. Marion Browden
119. Rodney Greene
120. Louis Moholo
121. Alvin Fielder
122. Al Harewood
123. Barry Altschul
124. Susie Ibarra
125. Grady Tate
126. Eric Harland
127. Clarence Penn
128. Matt Wilson
129. Gerry Hemingway
130. Yoron Israel
131. Nasheet Waits
132. Joe Farnsworth
133. Michael Sarin
134. Han Bennink
135. Guillermo E. Brown
136. Robert Barry
137. Yoshigaki Yasuhiro
138. Michael Wertmuller
139. Alex Cline
140. Eddie Prevost
141. oh shoot I need to get ready for work!
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Default Re: Favorite Jazz Bands

Nobody's mentioned Masada yet. There's an argument against them being a 'jazz' band as such, but I thought I'd throw that in the mix.
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Default Re: Favorite Jazz Bands

Im a fan of Brubeck's music. Buddy Rich is great.
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Default Re: Favorite Jazz Bands

Originally Posted by Class A Drummer View Post
Im a fan of Brubeck's music. Buddy Rich is great.

Me too. Some great milestone Brubeck group recordings indeed.

One of my favorite Big Band albums is Buddy Rich "Keep the Customer Satisfied". Incredibly tight group playing and surreal spot on Buddy playing. Saw him in several of his Big Bands in the later 70's early 80's. He certainly kept the customers "satisfied" Class A Drummer.


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