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Old 06-14-2015, 07:55 AM
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Default Ben Mize (Counting Crows)

I am wondering what drums specifically this guy used to record the song "Hard Candy" on the counting crows CD of the same name?

I LOVED that set! It sounded great! I especially loved the way they had the SNARE mixed! But the whole kit sounded great!

Does anyone know what was used on that song?

The Credits say Ben Mize did the drums on the recording......

I have looked online at youtube and a lot of videos have them with different drummers doing that song...I am wondering what set SPECIFICALLY was used on the original recording?

I love the way the main singer sounded on the original recording of Hard Candy...but on the youtube live videos....he sounds like he is on drugs..or drunk or SOMETHING! LOL!

The musicians in the band sound great live though.....

If anyone has information on this please post it here...I will be checking this post often. Thanks.

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