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Default Releasing for free ~ Our entire discography ~ The Heavy Jack 3

The Heavy Jack 3 have collectively decided to release our discography of music for free download going forward – the reason for this decision is outlined below – but for those short on time, please checkout our Bandcamp page for free download and streaming of our entire discography of released music.


In 2006 we first went into a proper recording studio to start the production of our first album, Multiply. The music industry had moved on to the point where the general consensus was that if you wanted a record deal you needed to do some legwork and record the first album on your own.

This was at a time when the industry was just starting to come to the realization that people were not buying music anymore – Napster had come and gone with other peer-to-peer software starting to replace it and “legitimate” streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music were still far off in the horizon.

The cost for recording an album is not cheap – and it was something that we spent significant time and effort on in our early twenties working to pay for the sessions over two years as well as releasing it both physically in a CD Digipak and on iTunes through CDBaby.

The record was met with decent reviews – but did not garner much attention and we were left wondering if the cost of recording through the traditional process was worthwhile. We came to the conclusion that it was not and spent the next decade learning how to record music and releasing two more albums using our home studio equipment.

Our last album of original material, What Is Love was released in 2016 – and we have not seen a substantial return on it. Currently we are paying an annual fee to have our album available on iTunes/Spotify/etc. – as we released it based on the paradigm of the old industry that music is only valued if it is sold.

The money we have made back from streaming services is $0.90 – but cannot be claimed until it has made at least $5 and we have not sold a single album on iTunes or any other digital store included in the subscription package – this means we are essentially giving money away to have our music available for purchase in a market where no-one is buying.

Any business savvy person would look at that model and laugh... but this is the new model for the Music Industry – an industry that has grown long in the tooth and is flailing wildly about as it falls deeper into the abyss desperately seeking purchase but not really finding anything solid to grab hold of.

Though with the streaming model provided by Spotify and Apple Music, it was thought that a reasonable level playing field had been found as arguably a subscription based service with access to the discographies of your favourite artists as well as the ability to discover new music does sound consciously better than stealing music for free.

The biggest issue with this model is that the upper echelon of the industry continues to push their catalog with the greater marketing money they have access to, and independent artists still have to pay yearly fees to keep their music on these services while they self-promote day in and day out to hopefully make enough money to cover the cost of entry and maybe eventually sell enough to cover the cost of the album that they recorded.

As someone who works a day job – I can tell you this business model does not work. The last thing anybody wants to do after working an 8 hour shift is come home and spend X amount of hours on Social Media trying to hawk their music to people who at best just don’t care or at worse take offence to your Shameless Self Promotion on Twitter.

When we started out we thought we had to become part of the industry and get a record deal to be able to record our music – to maybe be able to have our music as our day job. But as time marched on we realized that we do not need the industry record our music – and we don’t have to buy into the industry to release it either.

With that in mind we have shifted our thought process on how we value our music with regards to how we release it. We have chosen to use Bandcamp as a way to distribute our current discography for free downloads – with the hope that the people who find and enjoy our music share it with their friends and family.

And on that note – please feel free to download and share the music that we have been producing since 2006.

Check out my band -----> heavyjack.com
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Default Re: Releasing for free ~ Our entire discography ~ The Heavy Jack 3

You have to do art because you love your art. Expecting a return on your investment is usually a long shot proposition unless you can somehow garner value for your recordings to the end-listener.

As you state, we now have the power to do a lot of it ourselves, but that also means we have to do the marketing and back end stuff too. Do you sell records when you tour?

Anyway, congrats on your latest recording!
"I always wanted to be remembered for; being honest. Nothing else is worth a damn." - Lemmy
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