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Default Youtube - Songs with transcriptions + warm up exercises

Hello fellow drummers,
I just wanted to share my page on Youtube. It's currently in it's infancy, but the plan is to have a lot of valuable info for drummers of all ages and skill levels eventually. I plan to add at least 1 video a week, but often 2 or more.
Song covers include live active transcriptions and a foot cam, exercises and warm up routines will always include transcriptions. Eventually I plan on having the transcriptions available for download on a website as well.

Currently only 3 videos, but I'm pretty happy with the results. If you have any interest in checking out a Benny Greb inspired warm up or looking into learning a song by the Arctic Monkeys (R U Mine? There are a million covers but none with the transcription.) Or a Young the Giant tune (Mr.Know-it-All, no drum covers, not a well known tune but a great song) head over to the link -


I'm also taking requests! So please if you have a song that you'd like to learn and are having trouble with it I'd be happy to do a video and transcribe it for you (within reason, I'm not transcribing any Dave Weckl band or Mars Volta stuff.)

Thanks for taking your precious time to check out my work!
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