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Default transient ischemic attack (TIA),cortisone shots, trad vs matched, etc.

At 68 I had a transient ischemic attack (TIA) stroke(same as Ian Paice but a month later) and decided to learn matched grip to focus on rehab. I'm originally a trad guy but having had two bouts of carpal tunnel/trigger finger and cortisone shots in my left hand two years in a row prior I figured it was time for a change anyway. Two years later....And I learned something. First my trad grip left hand wasn't affected by my TIA, my right was.
And for those drummers switching grips: you don't have to relearn rudiment sticking, just the grip and speed, sometimes.
Buzz rolls are a breeze with matched grip! I can't do enough of them now.
Doubles are the biggest problem, but I decided I already had a trad/mis-matched grip, so what if perfect matching wasn't happening? So my doubles' grip is mis-matched, sort-of but sounds good at almost the same speed as my trad versions. Better doing 5 and 7 stroke rolls.
My single stroke rolls down the toms are even easier using matched and more powerful too. Who'd've guessed that would happen? Not me.
So now the conundrum:
switching between the two grips while playing. My 2 cover bands' music just seems to call for the matched grip while my brain wants the trad grip for more control( Manic Depression calls for trad, You Wreck Me calls for matched).
Anyone else in this predicament?
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