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Old 01-14-2018, 07:51 AM
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Default Bass drum triggering questions

I'm thinking about triggering my bass drum. But, I'm trying to find out some info that will help me decide if its the right thing for me. The big deciding factor is the fact that I play on house kits a lot on bills with a number of different band's all the time. I know that on my own kit I can muffle, tune, etc my bass drum to where when the trigger is on the head it fire's perfect every time. But, how would that work out if one is using different kicks with different muffling and tuning all the time when one does not have but a few minutes to get set up and ready to play? I've heard misfiring triggers and its not pretty. So for you guys that trigger how would you, or how do you, handle this type of situation?
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Old 01-14-2018, 10:25 AM
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Default Re: Bass drum triggering questions

The situation that you're describing sound like a nightmare for triggers. While I've been triggering my kicks for almost 20 years, I've never encountered a situation like you describe. When I've had to share kits, I just didn't use my triggers because the brain wouldn't track what I'm playing correctly, because it's set up for how my kicks are set up. I would think that you'd have to adjust the gain, sensitivity, etc, for each random kick you have to use.
I don't have first hand experience doing this, so it may not be as big an issue as I'm thinking it would be.
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Old 01-14-2018, 04:43 PM
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Default Re: Bass drum triggering questions

You have a few options from someone who has delt with triggers for over 12 years.

One, Buy Axis pedals and get the Ekit triggers, Or wait a few months and they have new ones that go under the footboard that run directly to your module. I will be getting some as soon as they are available and posting some reviews :)

two, Trick pedals and laser triggers, Same idea.

three, acoustic trigger and regular pedal, which is kindof what you are talking about. There are a few things to consider. One, How much time do you have on a change over? If your up first you could maybe spend 10-15 minutes tweaking. When My band goes up, it's 15 minutes BETWEEN bands, so including tear down and set up (when i bring my kit). By the time I am set up, and get my electronics set up, there is no time to screw around really, maybe a minute to make sure triggers are good.

How hard do you hit? If you hit like a monster triggers will work great every time. turn the sensitivity down, turn the threshold up, and the chances of a double trigger or small. Bring your own pillow to toss in the drum even. if you don't hit hard you have to turn sensitivity up and threshold down. This means if your drum monitor is super loud, you rimshot a floor tom too hard, etc it could set it off, or vibrations of a loose bass drum head with not enough muffling.

do you rest your left beater on the head? that makes issues for almost every type of trigger. it will rebound off the head when you hit your right pedal causing a double.

People think triggers make things easy but they show your flaws too.

Just some things to consider.. I heard a rumor those new Axis triggers will be universal so I am hoping I get some information very soon.

Usually when a shared kit is triggered it is triggered for every band playing that night. trigger is set up preshow... and even this I have seen not work well as the drummer who set it up is a bit of a tapper and a heavy hitter sits down and it double triggers like crazy.
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Old 01-14-2018, 04:50 PM
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Default Re: Bass drum triggering questions

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