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Old 12-11-2017, 11:37 PM
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Default Best books for learning to play Latin drums?

For my college audition I need to know how to play several styles, including Latin. What are some good books that I can get that get very deep in this? Iíve heard about Afro Cuban rhythms for the drum set for Latin stuff but by the sounds of the title it sounds like itís main focus is Afro Cuban, not Latin?
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Old 12-12-2017, 03:05 AM
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Default Re: Best books for learning to play Latin drums?

Latin isn't a single style, it's a jazz musician blanket term referring mainly to Caribbean (mostly Cuban) and Brazilian music-- usually when someone says "Latin" in that setting, they mean samba, bossa nova, or a mambo-type feel.

The best in-depth books I've seen are by Ed Uribe-- he has a Brazilian book and an Afro-Cuban book. They're both very heavy. The Cuban book especially won't do you much good in the short term.

For Brazlian styles, the best short volume I've seen is by Daniel Sabanovich. I also wrote a concise style guide for playing samba and bossa nova in a combo setting.

For Cuban styles you could get the Frank Malabe/Bob Weiner book. Or you could just go to my site and get the pages for Mozambique and maybe Guaguanco, and learn those. Learning the Mozabmbique groove, samba, and bossa nova should cover you for the audition.
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