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Old 10-27-2017, 03:21 PM
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Default ATTN City Drummers : Hauling Gear

Its been a while since I've posted here.

I'm currently living in a city and using subway transportation for most of my gigs. I am trying to figure out the best way to transport a sometimes rather heavy cymbal bag (ahead cymbal silo) and the protection rack combo snare/bass pedal bags. It hasn't been too bad carry these around, however it takes a toll on the shoulders and back, especially walking through some of these subway stations. I was wondering if anyone has similar experiences and has figured out a good cart solution perhaps to make this a easy and pain free experience.

Thanks guys, appreciate this community greatly!
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Old 10-27-2017, 05:16 PM
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Default Re: ATTN City Drummers : Hauling Gear


Hope this helps!
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Old 10-28-2017, 09:47 PM
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Default Re: ATTN City Drummers : Hauling Gear

Perhaps those particular cases aren't the best option for subway station travel. Check out all of the options you can, soft cases, hard cases, wheeled, backpack...even cases that aren't specifically created by drum companies for drum transport. Get creative. :)
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Old 10-29-2017, 02:12 AM
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Default Re: ATTN City Drummers : Hauling Gear

I walked to a gig about a mile away from my house with my cymbal case, snare, and pedal strapped to a collapsable two wheel cart.

If I was to do it regularly, I would use hard cases with extra tie-down brackets bolted to the sides of the cases so the straps can be cinched down securely to the cart.
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Old 10-29-2017, 09:02 PM
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Default Re: ATTN City Drummers : Hauling Gear

I live in New York City where most of my gigs require me to bring only cymbals, snare and bass pedal (venue supplies "house kit"). The way I usually cart this (on subway and bus) is:

-Bag1 - Gator Cymbal bag holds 22"ride, 19"crash, 16" crash, 15"hh and 5x14 acrolite snare drum. It's a tight fit but it works. This cymbal bag usually gets strapped to a cart similar to this:


-Bag2 - Jansport Agave32 backpack holds bass pedal (yamaha6110), drumsticks, iPad if needed, shakers, tuning keys wrenches etc.

If needed (for getting up stairs etc), I can remove the Cymbal case from the cart and strap the cymbal case to my back, and the Jansport to my chest (I look like the bomb squad when I do this, can raise an eye in NYC!).
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