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Default German Grip Woes

Hi all,

I've been drumming for a couple years but I have been revising my technique from the ground up as I think that is an area I could improve on significantly.

I use the german grip, but I am having trouble with a couple of things. For one, where is the stick supposed to make contact with the index finger? At the moment for me my thumb pushes the stick against the middle joint of my index finger (i.e the second knuckle from tip of the finger). Most places I have looked have suggested gripping the stick around the first knuckle from the tip, or in the fleshy pad between the first and second knuckle from the tip. The issue for me is that when I play I usually end up applying pressure from the fleshy pad on the index finger closest to the hand, since this is german grip and that part rests above the stick. Is this how many people play? Or should I try and move the point of contact further towards the end of the finger?

Secondly, how the hell are you meant to incorporate fingers into the german grip? I'm starting to feel like my hands aren't made for this. It seems to me that no matter how my thumb and index finger grip the stick, the back three fingers just aren't in a good enough position to apply any force onto the stick - or if they are, the stick just slaps against the palm of my hand or my wrist without gaining any height. This is an issue for me because at higher speeds I am still using pretty much 100% wrist to move the stick about, which is not optimal I don't think.

For example, here are a couple videos of people using almost no wrist while playing fast:
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aZP...utu.be&t=8m57s
- https://youtu.be/-yib0Ag9fLQ?t=1m38s

Have any of you experienced the same issues as I have? Or am I obsessing too much? I am a little bit unsure how to progress, as I don't want to get any bad habits by playing with the wrong technique any longer.
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