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Default Re: Am I drumming for the wrong reasons?

Meh... i play 2-4 hours almost every single night.. i have zero desire to be in a band and just do it cause i love it. Doesn't matter what the reason.. if you enjoy it then enjoy it :)

Originally Posted by Dizeee View Post
I am around 4 months back into playing now, and have slowed down a bit and focussed on some stuff.

I had a lesson, which was weird, as I didn't feel like I gelled with the teacher. He seemed surprised to have a 35 year old in his studio and to be honest he never really heard me play or asked me to play, we did a lot of talking and what we did play was very basic and a discussion on bass drum foot technique whish is what I asked to learn about to be fair.

Anyway, something has come to light over the last few months. It probably goes against the grain with most drummers and it is around my reasons for playing. Why do I play and what do I enjoy? I love learning new complicated exercises or sequences for the challenge of being able to do them, improving and perfecting them. I am currently loving the rudiments and metronome playing for the exact same reasons. I look at the instrument as a whole in awe of it and want to learn how to better be a part of it and work with it to bring pleasure to all. I am a perfectionist so a great deal of my enjoyment comes from silly things like changing my skins so they all match and are decent, with logos facing the right way, or having a few decent cymbals to choose from over and above your 3 cymbal basic setup. I do like playing to music but for some reason seem to do not a lot of this - despite the fact this is what I used to do when I was younger. Maybe I feel it is just wasted time bashing a long to the radio? Don't know.

However, and this came up in my lesson:

Who is my favorite drummer? Ermmmm - well, not sure, I don't know of many and in fact until I started watching Drumeo I knew of none. I like Benny Greb, Thomas Pridgeon and Anika Milles - but i would hardly say I "follow" them. What music styles do I like and play? Well, actually, EDM is my passion and I don't wish to play along to it on my acoustic kit. I seperate the two entirely. In terms of music I like 80's and 90's Rock but that's probably about it and I don' listen to it much either. Never listen to Jazz, Country, Salsa, Latin etc etc etc. So actually I am not very ambitious in this respect.

I keep being asked will I play or do I want to play in a band e.t.c. Well, to be honest, I am not fussed. Maybe this comes from the fact I KNOW that I don't have the time to play in a band as I work full time and have two young kids. But I can't say I am overly excited about the prospect either, if I was I would have made big efforts to make that a reality. Maybe part of the reason is I feel I am not good enough, but, the passion to do this just isn't there.

So why am I bothering then - am I sounding like I am a weirdo and possibly taking up playing again is not suitable for me?
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