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Old 10-28-2017, 10:11 PM
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Default Re: When the Drummer is Right and the Band is Wrong

Originally Posted by Morrisman View Post
In the intro to one song, guitar starts, then bass, then drums. (I think it was long train running)
Easy in the studio, as songs like that are click-tracked. But on stage if the drummer doesn't count in, they'll have to drag or rush through the entire song as if kidnapped by a madman, following the adrenalin rushed tempo set by someone with little experience in that role - and then get blamed for dragging/rushing.

Much better to maintain one expert in the time keeping role. I would request that the drummer counts off with sticks 4x or bass pedal and keep it going while everyone sequences in on that tempo.

Playing drums is very physical, and anytime one puts the entire body, all four limbs, into motion, we tend to keep good tempo. Learned that on honour guard duty. On bass, only my two fingers move, the guitarist moves one elbow and the singer only moves if he's Joe Cocker...

If I were the drummer, I'd be like a conductor - sonically and visually herding my little string sheeple to pasture. 1 2 3 4, follow me or take the door... 5 6 7 8, stay in time and don't be late... a, 1 and a, 2 and a, u nowot to doo... I'd be like a drum dictator. But then I admire Buddy Rich... His Drum Rudiments book has helped my bass playing enormously.
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Old 10-29-2017, 12:11 AM
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Default Re: When the Drummer is Right and the Band is Wrong

You and your mates have become too dependent on monitors and mix.You must have very loud band sound. How do big jazz bands with very skilled musicians with years of training manage to play without monitors? They know how to listen to each other without a headset or ear buds. Music is a conversation. It flows. It changes. Drop the monitors, drop the volume, and start listening to each other.

Originally Posted by TheElectricCompany View Post
This is the second show in a row it's happened, but this time was much better than last. The first show I had nothing in my monitor for half of the set and the sound guy couldn't figure out what to do about it. Eventually he put a single guitar in my monitor and cranked it up to eleven, which made things much, much worse. Now instead of faint stage noise I have a screaming loud rhythm guitar and I'm having to sing the songs in my head to keep us together. After all, I can only remember so many measure counts in a two-hour show.

This past Saturday I told the sound guy to give me an audience mix minus the drums because I wanted to be able to hear everyone. It comes time for the soundcheck and I have nothing in my monitor. I stop the song and tell the guy I can't hear anyone, so he just gives me bass drum. I stop us again and we have to go instrument by instrument with me telling him to turn everything up. We get to a good level and once the show starts it's all out the window. No bass, one guitar, and none of the guest artist's instruments- save for one guitar player- and it's constantly changing. One song I can hear the vocals fine, the next song they're gone. Leads are dropping out in the middle of the solo and the rhythm's getting turned up.

There's only so many times you can take a second between songs and have someone with a mic tell the sound guy everything is still wrong before it makes the band look unprofessional.

It sounds completely insane, but I know others here have had experiences like this or worse.
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