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Default Group picture

Moved all my gear of the crappy shelf in the band room to put on a new shelf on the wall. Nice isn't it? The shelf itself is a hanging door that kept sticking on its tacks. My wife and I angered with and re-purposed it with 3 beefy brackets. The tuba is my wife's.

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As I looked at all my snares I decided it was time or another group picture. A couple new additions since the last one.

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Pictured from R to L: "Pantie snare" Ayotte Drumsmith that has be refinished in sequin fabric; "Blackie" Crazy 8's custom birch snare; "Aloysius" 30's Leedy COB (on stand); Tempus in Pacific Blue; "Richard the Red" Crazy 8's Karma balanced custom snare made from a 70's Ludwig marching snare; Ludwig Supraphonic 402 stripped down to bare aluminum; Slingerland 104 aluminum snare, just got this a few days ago

Not pictured: my "Acrophonic", raw aluminum Acrolite shell w/ Imperial lugs.

What do you think, anything my modest collection is missing?
Classy grip all day.

Mah Rogers
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Default Re: Group picture

Interesting selection of snares.
I kind of like old drums:)
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Default Re: Group picture

Of the shelf, off the shelf; what's the dif?
Nice snare drum collection.
Drumming for fun.
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