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Default Re: Keith Moon

Originally Posted by tuckerduncan2002 View Post
Would anyone care to enlighten me about Keith Moon? He is deemed a legend, yet I have never been impressed by his playing. I found his playing sloppy, especially in concert. I don't think he took his playing all that seriously. Maybe someone could help me out.
In the documentary Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who, the Pete & Roger confirm that as the band became more popular, Keith's drinking grew into a problem. When he moved to Malibu (c.1976) he didn't contact his bandmates for lengthy periods of time, and Pet & Roger assumed he was snorting cocaine and drinking, hosting legendary parties. When he returned to England, he went on a pharmaceutical to dry himself out (I forget the drug's name), but overdosed on it.

Both Pete & Roger view The Kids Are Alright as the story of Keith's life, as he died a week after the last concert in the movie.
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Default Re: Keith Moon

Originally Posted by KamaK View Post
So I've just watched the Tanglewood concert for the 20th time... I think I've learned more from this video about Moon's playing than all the other videos combined. I think it's because the camera angles are extremely sympathetic to anyone wanting to see Keith's playing.

@cbphoto -- You can see the mics underneath the toms in the Tanglewood vid. While blurry, it looks like SM-58's. You can also see the overheads.
Thanks, KamaK! Really enjoying that link. That and the Leeds concert are the bomb.
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Default Re: Keith Moon

Scott Devours did a good job in the latest Quadrophenia release.....as close u can get to the Moon...so far.
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