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Old 06-28-2017, 02:22 AM
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Default Re: My sense of time and accuracy sucks. How to practice?

To the OP: I think you're on the right track to fix your issues. I'd say the biggest thing is to (almost) always play with a click or music and to record yourself. Your time listening back and analyzing your playing is pretty much more important than your time playing. Feel free to noodle with a click as well in different time feels & tempos, as you experiment with patterns/grooves/fills feel free to rep little bits over and over until you get them to sit comfortable consistently.

And food for thought: if you're turning the met to silent during the fills then you're not learning to relate the rhythms in the fills to the pulse--I'd say that's the most important thing you can do to help your timing through fills. (And singing the quarter note out loud through the whole thing is also a great thing to practice to prove that you're comfortable with the aforementioned task.)

The whole thing ultimately involves recalibrating your 1st person sense of timing such that it's true to the 3rd person desired result. (What feels right in the moment as you play doesn't always end up sounding the way you wanted it to or felt it in the moment.) Reps with a met to retrain your perception and studying the recorded result will be the ticket.
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Old 06-28-2017, 04:02 PM
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Default Re: My sense of time and accuracy sucks. How to practice?

Putting the click on the upbeat has really helped me lately. It's tough in the beginning but I seem to always nail the 1, but the rest of the measure was off. Now I have to focus on the other notes being tight.

I haven't moved to the e's or a's yet as I think I have a LOONG road of upbeats (or the ands) ahead of me.

Keeping time with the hats on the down and upbeats helps too.
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Old 02-15-2018, 07:12 PM
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Default Re: My sense of time and accuracy sucks. How to practice?

The Beatnik is really helpful, I've managed to get up to 70% on the expert level on accented single strokes at 30 bpm and the whole process has made me acutely more aware of time so that it's easier for me to hear how I'm doing with the microtiming on the kit too.

Daniel Glass and his "throw up" exercise and Jojo Mayer's DVD also helped since I find it a lot easier to be consistent when I relate the wind up to a subdivision.

I really wish I had something like the Beatnik for my foot pedal pad as well. I guess I could duct tape something together, but hardly optimal with the interface facing your shin. Recording and looking at waveforms or recording over programmed drums for now to work on kick timing.

This really is a rabbit hole, but hopefully this will lead to me some day being able to play a basic rock beat without sounding like a train wreck.
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