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Old 07-17-2014, 02:04 AM
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Default Christian Rivera- here is how to play DTX502 kits form midi track in DAW

Christian Rivera posted his questions on the following YAMAHA site:

I am unable to post there, acct info has not replied to explain why
been a week so I am posting an answer here.

Hoping some kind soul could repost the following on Christian's thread.

I too was frustrated that whatever kit I dialled on the 502, a midi track in GarageBand
would only play the General Midi kit on the DTX502. Here is how to play (25 OF THE 50) DTX502 kits from a midi track in Garageband. I don't have ProTools or Logic so garageband it is. As to why this works on only 25 of the 50 DTX kits….
someone with more midi knowledge might explain.

The 25 kits this works for are 1 thru 7 , 9 , 11 thru 17, 19, 24 thru 27, 31 thru 34
and of course 50 which is the general midi kit.

Factory reset the 502 just so we are on the same page. Open DAW (GB for me)
plug in USB midi connection between computer and 502 and record a midi drum track
into DAW using 502 kit of your choice, monitor your playing from 502 so you here
the kit sound right.

OK … got the midi info into DAW. So now THE FOLLOWING INFO is Garageband Specific.
I assume ProTools and Logic have more elegant tools to do the same thing as
I will describe, but I can't help with that.

Garageband has no midi out that I could find so I added one. it is a little app called midiO 1.3
Google it, there are several places to download free version.

So when you have midiO installed properly it will show in your Audio Unit Module LIST in GarageBand.
Select it as the sound generator for the midi track you recorded from the 502. Click on the sound generator image
in the GB edit area to open midiO's parameters.

set parameters -- midi destination = DTX drums -- CHANNEL =10 MIDI CLOCK no matter 502 does not receive
clock data BANK MSB =125 BANK LSB =1 and wait for it … here it is …… PROGRAM !!!!! Set the program
number at one less than the kit number you wish to hear 'cause midi starts a 0, kits start at 1.

The bank select values I got from the DTX502 reference manual (Channel messages 2.2.1)
don't muck with them on the 502 for this just use the numbers for your daw midi out settings
(midiO for me)

Do I think this is the best answer for getting 502kits to play via midi----- hardly--- It is just what I have bumbled into.
Very ready to hear better answers.
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Old 07-17-2014, 08:59 AM
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Default Re: Christian Rivera- here is how to play DTX502 kits form midi track in DAW

The developer of midiO is retroware http://mysite.verizon.net/retroware/
I know nothing about them but they have my thanks
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