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Old 03-22-2014, 05:22 PM
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Default any differences on DW5000AD vs 9000 on AD setting?

at first before learning more on the difference between ACC and turbo models I tried the 9000(set on turbo likely) and liked how smooth they were but since it was my first kit I felt like I needed a little weight/resistance so I got the 5000 accelerator considering it was similar to pedals ive played on before too. I like the feel and idea of the AD4 but love the smooth feel and what seems like maybe even TOO well engineered of the 9000 too, which I'm considering getting too one day. While I believe the 5000ad is a smooth great pedal I have never experienced such a smooth feel like the 9000.

Being primarily a guitarist I'm sorta a beginner drummer with beginner knowledge on drum specs.

SO my question is what are the differences between the 5000AD and the 9000 on the AD setting? I guess I'm more curious to know if it would just feel like I'm playing on the 5000AD4 but just playing on the 9000. or… might sound dumb but would it have the AD setting, plus any capabilities and feeling such as buttery smooth feeling that the 9000 has that maybe I couldn't get with the 5000ad. I want to get fast considering I have tendonitis in my right hand and play metal primarily so I'm kinda limited on the hand techniques for drums.

there are lots of reviews saying the 9000 is better but also along the lines of saying its too light with less rebound that the 5000 feels more durable and preferred. I know its about personal preference but I just dont want to “upgrade” to 9000 on ADsetting if it will pretty much be like playing the 5000AD but would like to know of the benefits if it will really that much different.

Can anyone please help?
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