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Old 03-10-2014, 08:00 AM
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Default introductions in order

hows it going my name is sal troy. im 48 in august been playing drums and banging on what ever creates a rhythem since I was Iin diapers. native New Yorker . Broooooklyn in the house . I live in Staten Island . 1 bedroom basement apt which I converted into a studio . well converting into a studio . this is my 1 st attempt at creating my own studio. I was involved with a friend of mine ina independent label called pirahanarecordz.com out off venice, California. we sign punk bands and I wqas in a band called Creeper which we off course where on the label. I lived in Los Angeles on and off since 76. a few yeas ago I moved back for work been in a few bands playing covers in the local watering holesout here on the island . I play a 3piece gretsch new clasmost sic with a dw 9000 dble peddle and black beauty and I have mainly zildian dark ks 24 ping ride but I love paiste 2002 series is great also sabian has alot of beautiful sounding gear my go to set of hi hats is a set of sabian 14 inch dark sabian axxs cant beat it . I also hav e a gretsch catalina converted into a hibred td4 all mesh heads zildian gens with addictive drums running through a pa. just wanted to say whaddupp and get some info on dialing in my electrickit with ad
l sounding cymbals
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