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Old 01-24-2014, 05:02 PM
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Default canopus bolt tight review

hey guys i've been looking for a way to keep my drums in tune longer(haven't we all?) and after a long bout of researching i decided on canopus bolt tights as they seemed to have the biggest possible bang for the buck in my eyes. anyway i bought enough to put the recommended 2 on each screw of the top and bottom of my 4 piece and i've noticed that they do not help keep my drums in tune at all, in fact, they may actually speed up the detuning process, i'm not 100% sure but it was just as fast if not faster. i'm not sure if the leather needs to break in or i should use just 1 per screw but they do not help keep the drum in tune as per their recommended usage. now i have a 10+ year old stage custom standard and my drums never seem to stay in tune all that long anyway so it could be that the factory hoops defeat the purpose of the bolt tights, again i'm not sure. HOWEVER on the plus side i did notice a fairly large improvement to the sound of the drums, especially my snare. i've had issues with my steve jordan snare's howl when tuned a little low and with these the snare no longer needs moon gel to control the overtones when tuned a little low and really brings out a fat pop when tuned in its normal higher range. the toms also seemed to have bit more round sound with these on. anyway hope this helps anyone considering these.
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