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Default Meinl Extra Dry Cymbals

I recently read up that Meinl Extra Drys lack a bit in volume. I play in a teenage jazz group and we don't play places that need us to mic up nor do we have the money yet. I was wondering if purchasing a type of this cymbal would result in it not cutting through in a mix without mics. I also have been looking at the benny greb's sand cymbals. I am in love with these cymbals and what they achieve musically! Unfortunately I cannot sacrifice anything for at this point volume. I play mostly play along the lines of jazz and funk, but I am looking for a Meinl cymbal that will get me through almost anything.
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Default Re: Meinl Extra Dry Cymbals

Hi I have a few comments which may help,

Not that this counts for everything, but I have been playing live since 1984it is a very rare occasion indeed when the cymbals on an acoustic kit are not loud enough. Even with no overheads they will spill through the vocal mics.

I agree that most cymbals with the dry designation seem to be lower volume than others, however the dryness means the stick sound cuts but in a different way from brighter cymbals. I routinely use Bosphorus stanton moore cymbals which are a little drier than say a std A zildjian. In this case I prefer larger diameter sizes so instead of my usual 13 hats and 17 crash 20 ride, I use 14 dry hats and large dry 20 crash and even a 22 ride.

Don't pay too much credence to manufacturers saying this cymbal is for funk this one for pop this one for rock. Most good cymbals can be used for a range of material. I suppose I would draw the line if you are playing very heavy rock or metal.

So my recommendation is go for dry cymbals if you like them I would be very surprised if anyone will ever complain about the low volume levels. In fact, a little lower cymbal volume will make your snare and kick and toms sound more in line with how drums are actually recorded. Also not to sound daft but please remember that you can drastically change the brightness by using sticks with different tips.

I hope this helps and good luck
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Default Re: Meinl Extra Dry Cymbals

I have a Meinl Byzance 18" Extra Dry Thin crash. It's by far my favorite cymbal. I wouldn't say that it lacks volume, IMO, I think it projects the perfect volume. I find my AAX and A custom crashes to be a bit too loud. The Byzance EDTC is more of an ideal volume. And I play mostly hard rock.
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Default Re: Meinl Extra Dry Cymbals

Originally Posted by Captain Bash View Post
It is a very rare occasion indeed when the cymbals on an acoustic kit are not loud enough

I have come across it where cymbals were too quiet but that was with a really young heavy metal band (11-13 year old kids) who were using uber-cheap unbranded cymbals...not really applicable to your situation! I'm certain pretty much any pro level cymbal will be absolutely loud enough for the music you're playing - especially the Byzance range.

In fact, a little lower cymbal volume will make your snare and kick and toms sound more in line with how drums are actually recorded.
This as well!

Even when playing heavy rock stuff, I prefer quieter [darker] cymbals for this very reason. Also, loud, cutting cymbals just eat up a mix like nobody's business so I prefer the sonic space they leave.

The only thing I would consider is how a really dry cymbal would sound in context with the rest of the band...you might find that you prefer a cymbal with a few more overtones once all the other instruments are going.
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Default Re: Meinl Extra Dry Cymbals

I have an old dry crash that is fairly oxidized, it's an 18.

I do find myself hitting the crap out of it in a live situation. It has a nice tone but it doesn't cut through as well. I don't like it in recordings either.. It seems to lack the attack of a... 'wetter' cymbal and highs are lost.

So I don't like a dry crash personally and I would go for something more cutting.
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Default Re: Meinl Extra Dry Cymbals

While I can't speak for the crashes, I do have the Extra Dry Hi Hats & Medium Ride, and have never had problems with them being "too quiet" even in acoustic settings.

The Medium Ride is actually surprisingly loud, especially the bell. Because it has such pronounced stick definition, it cuts through the band very cleanly, while giving a bit more room for the other instruments to breathe.

The same really goes for the Extra Dry Hats. They have tonnes of definition, even when played wide open. I get compliments from band mates all the time about how less harsh, and clearer they sound when they are a foot or two away.

In my own experience, the Byzance Extra Drys do not lack in volume.
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Default Re: Meinl Extra Dry Cymbals

I agree with everybody else. Get those wonderful pies and don't worry a bit about their volume :) The Sand cymbals also want not as far as volume goes. Between the two series, I'd probably go for the Extra Dry hats, the Sand Thin crash, a larger Extra Dry crash, and the Sand ride. Of course, that's just my preference.
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