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Old 12-30-2013, 04:31 AM
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Default Kick drum heads, 1 ply vs. 2 ply

I'm sure this question has been addressed many times before, but I couldn't really find what I wanted to know using the search function.
I've always played with a 2 ply kick drum head, usually an Aquarian SK II...I'm thinking of switching over to an Evans EMAD, but I'm wondering about the difference between the 1 ply and the 2 ply in regards to how well the head will hold up with pretty frequent gigging and hard hitting. I know the 2 ply will be less boomy (more dead-sounding), but because I've never played a 1 ply my fear is that it will wear faster or I may put the beater through it. Just to be clear, I'm not going to be stomping crazy hard, just normal to heavy hitting on rock/alt country type stuff. Thanks for any help!
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Default Re: Kick drum heads, 1 ply vs. 2 ply

If you use a patch, from the Falam patch (extremely heavy) all the way down to a cut-out piece of drumhead (very light), single ply heads will last a long, long time.
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Default Re: Kick drum heads, 1 ply vs. 2 ply

I agree use the patch. Double ply where you need it, single ply tone.
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Default Re: Kick drum heads, 1 ply vs. 2 ply

I've had a SK1 on 2 different kicks.(same head) I bet it is 15 yr. old, maybe more. I've got a Flam Slam patch on it with wood beaters. I've changed the patch before, and it still sounds good.
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