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Default 16 inch bass drum heads

Hi guys,
new to the forum, name is Terry, I am English, but live in Vienna Austria, been playing over fifty years, all styles. I am converting a 16x16 floor tom to a bass drum for acoustic sessions playing standards. So not looking for a lot of volume. Can anybody point me in the right direction regarding which heads to use, so many to choose from. Would prefer not to have a clear reso head. This drum will never be miked up, so is a hole in the reso head any advantage. Any suggestions very welcome.

Cheers, Terry.
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Default Re: 16 inch bass drum heads

You can't really use a bd head because of the metal hoop.
I have a yamaha hipgig and ended up using a one ply head with a remo muffle thingy (plastic stuff with a foam ring ) . I only use the plastic insert without the ring.
I also had to cut a hole in the stock reso because of too much bounce from the batter head.
The hole let some air out and reduced the bounce nicely so I don't have a double every time I hit a single.
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Default Re: 16 inch bass drum heads

If you are looking to play standards, I assume you play heel down in more of a jazz context, and therefore don't have much of an issue with beater flutter. So I wouldn't worry too much about cutting holes in the reso unless you do it simply as a matter of preference.

I use a Sonor Safari (16" bass drum) for a lot of my jazz gigs and I use regular single ply heads on both sides with a strip of felt on the batter.

Since you are converting a floor tom, you do not need to get heads specifically for a bass drum. As D4F said, the hoops are different on the bass drum and require bass drum heads. You're probably good to go with whatever you have on there now.

The only trick is the actual converting part. Drum riser, pedal adapter, spurs, etc.
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