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Old 11-23-2013, 09:15 AM
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Default Got a new ride


I got me a new ride a couple of days ago. It's a Sabian ISO Crash AAX 20" I've been wanting a ride I can crash on, and one a little thinner than my old Zildjian 20". I was looking at an Omni at one store, and at another store, they suggested the ISO crash. I played it a little an decided that was the one. It's got a nice big crash soft sound, not very harsh, almost a little delayed. It takes a bit for it to open up. The ride sound is very shimmering, but still retains some stick definition. The bell is outrageous, and you don't have to hit it in one little tight spot. It's a big bell also. I just started playing with a 60's and 70's band, and I think this cymbal is gonna sound real nice on those old songs. I'll find out at rehearsal Sun. I'm still thinking about that Omni. That Cymbal is very intriguing. I might try to trade my Dynasonic for it. Then I won't know which ride to use. Lol.
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Default Re: Got a new ride

The AAX's tend to take a moment to open up as it is, but add the size and the holes, and I bet it sounds amazing. I am very traditional with my cymbal choices (rides are rides, crashes are crashes, etc) but the Omni has a very cool sound to it. Get one of those and you could just use any cymbal for any purpose. Good problem to have.
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