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Old 11-19-2013, 02:25 AM
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Default DW Jazz Series Snare coming soon!

Today I went to a pawn shop by my job just to look around and check to see if they had any drums like I always do. I have been in this particular shop about 20 times, seeing as though they are right by my job. I always look for drums and snares in there, but they have never had anything, but I always check by just in case. Well today, I went down a different aisle than the "music" aisle and I just happened to look up and lo and behold I found 4 snare drums just sitting there. The workers had forgotten that they were even there. Out of all the times I'd asked if they had drums there, the answer was always no... lol. Even when I brought it to the counter, they were surprised, because they forgot they had them. They had two Pearl free-floaters (a 3.5x14 brass and a 3.5x14 maple), a Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute, and a DW Jazz Series snare with brown (Root Beer I believe) finish over exotic cherry veneer! The price on the snare was only $249. I asked them what was the best they could do and they said I could have it for $180. I put it on layaway.

This snare is literally in brand new condition with the stock heads still on the drum, barely played and not really tensioned, as if it were never really tuned up or used. It looks like it's new out of the box. It has die-cast hoops like I love on snares and it is a nice size (4.5x14) I messed with the tuning a little to get an idea of the sound, and it sounded great in person. I had already loved the sound of the jazz series snares from hearing demos and Peter Erskine play them. I couldn't be more excited about this find... I may go back and get the Birch Custom absolute as well, but I had to at least get the DW to ensure no one else does! Pics Below!

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