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Old 12-26-2014, 09:53 PM
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Default Mapex Falcon boom cymbal stand

So yesterday I opened my brand new Mapex Falcon boom stand. My first impression was that it was well made, sturdy and well designed. I put it together and noticed that one of the bolts that go into the tubing was bent. It was bent so much that it would not go into the tubing at all, making the stand useless. I contacted MF who was great and will take it back. I wrote Mapex and expressed my disappointment with their awful quality control and have not yet heard back. Falcon is supposed to be their 'professional' line and for them to put out something defective out of the factory is very discouraging. Just wanted to share my experience with anyone looking to buy Falcon hardware.
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Default Re: Mapex Falcon boom cymbal stand

That's a bummer. I really liked the look of their Falcon line. My brother has the Falcon double bass pedal and he loves it. I tried it out once and it felt solid. Hopefully your situation gets resolved quickly and hopefully this is a rare occurrence. I love my Mapex Saturn.
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