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Default Looking for the right combo

So I have been having a lot of fun trying new heads on my toms. I used to only play Coated G2's over clear G1's. Recently I have decided to try out various Remo Heads and though they are nice they were not the sound I was looking for. So now I am coming back to Evans.

I am going to go out shopping this weekend and hit up some different drum shops so I was looking for some suggestions I was thinking about going back to my Coated G2 over Clear G1. But I have been thinking up some other combos and was wondering what you guys think. The sound I am looking for is a nice warm sound with not many overtones tuned medium not too high and not low.

Coated G2 over Coated G1
G12's over coated or Clear G1's
G14's over Coated or Clear G1's
Power Center over Clear G1

Any thoughts? I getting close to the end of my experimental phase (AKA the wife is asking me if I really need new drum heads) and honestly even though it was fun I need to settle on something. Any suggestions from the Evans players on here.

Other questions will the coated G1's on the bottom noticeably warm up the sound? The one thing I have never tried on any of my personal kits are coated heads on the bottom.
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