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Old 08-12-2013, 04:12 PM
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Default Finally able to pick up some atlas mounts......

.....and they are as awesome as expected. Bought a 3 pack and a large scissor lift. I put one on my 12x9 rack Tom and flew it off a cymbal stand. It sounded just as resonant as the vibraband. I've seen the wavelength graph on their site, and I believe the results. I'm just not convinced the human ear can detect that. It looks awesome. No more band covering up my Birdseye finish! The best part of the atlas usage, to me anyway, is as an accessory mount. I put one on my kick drum. I put a short 3 inch 12.7mm rod in it and attached the scissor lift to the rod and my ride to the lift. Totally awesome! Ludwig recommends the longer rod between two atlas mounts for this application and I will say that I will be doing that soon. But with just one mount holding it, I was able to see the isolation part of the mount working. The weight of the cymbal and arm allowed for the mount to move independently from the half bolted to the drum. I could see it as plain as day. I don't like the inherent possible problem of the stress it may be putting on the drum but like I said, I'll fix that with the addition of the longer rod and second atlas mount. Once you have it in hand and set them up on YOUR kit, you will start to envision all the possibilities. It really allows for limitless connectivity. Kudos Ludwig!!
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Old 08-12-2013, 10:33 PM
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Default Re: Finally able to pick up some atlas mounts......

It took a while, but now that they actually have pictures up on their website I can actually see what a good idea these new ATLAS mounts are. Bermuda was right all those months ago when he teased us with hints about what a great product Ludwig was working on: these are very versatile mounts.

They can use the same part for mounting toms as well as for floor tom legs. Replace a normal lug with one and mount a splash in an odd place. Add 2 to a bass drum and make a rail consolette mount or a place to mount a ride cymbal.

Very well designed.
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