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Old 07-24-2013, 07:09 PM
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Default e-drums with Propellerhead Reason


I'm a musician who does home recording, I'm not primarily a drummer but am reasonably decent despite that. I've been triggering Reason Drums (in Propellerheads Reason) using an old M-Audio Trigger Finger, and want to upgrade to using a real e-kit sometime soon - it frustrates me that stuff I could play better on a proper set is so hard to do with my fingers! I'm probably going to get a kit used around $1000 and will probably post about that when I get to that point.

What I'm wondering about is if anyone has experience using this combination (I mean, with a e-set, not Trigger Finger). Can you easily map or assign most e-drums to Reason? How hard is it to set up or adjust? Does the triggering work well for subtle or complex things? I use alot of ghost notes, hi-hat chokes and in-between sounds, etc. I'd appreciate any thoughts on this combination or something similar.

I might also someday get a dedicated drum software like Steven Slate or Superior Drummer so thoughts on that too would be appreciated.

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Default Re: e-drums with Propellerhead Reason

I believe you may get more feedback over at vdrums.com for this question.

I know there have been mapping issues on some of the drum set VI's out there (hi hats especially) but I don't think it's across the board.

I believe Superior may be best bet for that kind of setup but again the vdrums.com folks might have better input.

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