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Default My new Tama Artstar Customs in action

So, I finally got a chance to take the somewhat newly acquired Tama Artstar Customs to a gig. They sounded great. I realized something that made me laugh a little at the gig. There was a younger drummer in the band that played after we played. He was playing a Tama also, but with hyperdrive toms and whatnot. He said it was Tama Superstar kit. He said that he never heard of Tama Artstars. Then I realized that he was only a few years older than the Artstars (~17years). They sure don't look like it though. The pictures sure don't do it justice. They are stained in a British Racing Green.

I have always been more of a black kit kind of guy, but these things turned me around. They are 12", and 13" rack toms, and 16" floor. The bass drum is 16X22". I love this kit. The toms are nice, loud and clear with plenty of attack. I got a great deal for the four pieces, $500 on CL from a real nice guy. I could tell that he really liked them too and cared for them the same way I cared for my Granstars. I realize that I got, what I felt was a screaming deal, and I offered that if for whatever reason that he changed his mind, he could buy them back at the same price. I also told him that if I ever was going to sell them, I would give him first crack at em. He said that he just felt that they should be getting used. I told him that I would live up to that end of the deal. So here's the proof.

I also have one older Tama Granstar kit that is around 22 years old as well.
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