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Old 10-18-2014, 10:50 PM
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Default DW nomenclature: Sound portal(s)

I've always liked the idea here.

The "honk" for me would be if this would prove useful in different situations. Theoretically it looks like 'yes', and the vid provides some sonic proof.

I can achieve similar fx with top head dampening, tho undeniably this drum offers that and more.

Like other DW products, I would like to see this break out of one size/style. Would this idea prove more practical on a different depth drum for instance, and will we ever know, should this model fail to meet sales expectations?
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Default Re: DW nomenclature: Sound portal(s)

I think I like this idea. Might be interesting to try it on a metal snare.

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Old 10-19-2014, 12:44 AM
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Default Re: DW nomenclature: Sound portal(s)

It's certainly an interesting idea. I mean, it has been 5 years since that video, and I haven't seen much of it since, so I'm guessing it hasn't sold crazy well. Personally, I felt the drummer in that video & the demo tuning were... not great. They didn't do a good job of demonstrating the four possible configurations of the venting (plus, of course, any other tunings).

John Blackwell (i believe)'s signature snare has adjustable muffling as well with little plugs for the multitude of vents in it, but that's obviously less convenient than this 'system'.
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